About Us

Net Ideas Pty Ltd provides businesses with all the solutions and support to build maintain and expand their IT and communications infrastructure. We provide a wide variety of services from trouble shooting and telephone support, phone and data cabling to IP telephony and complex server environments.

Net Ideas Pty Ltd was founded by Kevin Bedford. Kevin commands a wealth of knowledge and resources sourced from over 15 years industry experience.

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective strategies customized to the Client’s needs. Our goal is to build long term, trusted relationships with our Clients. We look after the Clients’ best interests by monitoring and reviewing the Clients’ needs and presenting up to date cost effective solutions. We are Victorian based, but can assist with local, National and International solutions.

We can assist you to monitor, improve and build your business by providing cost saving solutions, delivered in a timely manner. Our customers are an integral part of our success and continuing growth. Net Ideas Pty Ltd is committed supplying a broad and varied range of IT products.


To provide piece of mind to our Clients, Net Ideas Pty Ltd is fully insured,

including Work Cover, Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Policies.