Phone Systems

Voice over IP technology is far more than a PC or tablet application to provide free audio and video calls between friends and family. Voice over IP is the next generation of telecommunication technology that is being used successfully by large telco carriers, large and small businesses and households right now.

Cheaper call rates can certainly be one benefit of Voice over IP telephony especially with the elimination of out dated STD call charges with low price un timed national calls being offered by Internet Telephone Service Providers or ITSP’s. The cost of calls are not the only advantage, there are many other advanced features available as standard that were previously only available on very high priced PBX systems and more benefits that were not available before at all.

Voice over IP or VoIP is a mature reliable technology that is being incorporated in to nearly every new business phone system on the market today and plays a role in every phone call you make. If you or someone you know says they have tried VoIP and it was poor quality an unreliable then it will be the design and implementation of the system they were using that was at fault not the technology.

Net Ideas Pty Ltd are specialists in the design and implementation of quality Voice Over IP phone systems. We can provide systems to suit home and small business with two or three handsets up to large installations linking multiple business locations together as one consistent operation. The systems we provide are based on open standards providing flexible configuration and customization options. The core of our preferred PBX solutions is the open source Asterisk PBX software.

A new VoIP phone system does not mean that you have to do away with all your traditional telephony services such as analogue pstn or Isdn lines if you are not comfortable doing so. In fact there are some circumstances where retaining these services is an important part of system design especially in areas where reliable Internet of adequate bandwidth is not available or the rental of these services and associated call costs is such that there is little or no cost saving. In either case all our systems can be equipped with the capability to include traditional telephony services.


  • Automated attendant / Interactive voice response6
  • Voicemail / voicemail to email
  • Least cost routing
  • Day / night mode call redirection
  • Music or messages on hold
  • Call parking
  • Ring groups
  • Call queues
  • Optional call recording
  • Internal and external call transfer
  • Remote extensions
  • Trunking between multiple PBX systems to link sites
  • Computer telephony integration providing click to dial and integration with other business software systems

A major benefit of an IP based telephone system comes from leveraging the technologies available to create an IP network. With a traditional telephone system you were limited in where you could locate the extensions by where you could realistically install the associated cabling as this had to run all the way back to the system unit. With an IP based system this is no longer the case. IP phone handsets operate very successfully across wireless networks. There are handsets available with built in wireless capability potentially eliminating the need for a lot of wiring. Cost effective high quality hardware also exists to interconnect buildings over distances and terrain where it would be impractical or impossible to run cables for a traditional system.

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